Aigues Blanques

Aigües Blanques, the beach of s'Aigua Blanca or, as it known in Castilian, waters white to the Northwest the island of Ibiza is a Long Beach, exposed to the wind of the this and protected from high cliffswhich gives it a somewhat wild aspect that endures even today. With this description anyone would think that it is a rather inhospitable place, but the truth is that it has a special charm that usually catch all those who dare to approach her.

And we say venturing not because it is wrong signposted (just follow the signs from the village of San Carlos), but because to get there is to go down a long slope, asphalt that Yes. You have in mind that lower costs too, but at the time of upload will have to throw something else of value, even more if the sun beats strong. Before he could get off with car but now already no, we do not know whether to protect the beach, if you have to pay for parking or if it is because of the trouble of cars climbing, going down and trying to park that they rode in these difficult conditions. The issue is that you have to Park the vehicle rather far. You can choose to pay the parking or leave it for free in the surroundings.

Just step on the sand you will notice that has one color more Dark that in the majority of the coves and beaches of the island and that since she You can see Punta Grossa and the beautiful island of Tagomago. It is also quite long, which offers you the possibility to take a nice walk from side to side.

Another aspect that you will notice right away at Aigües Blanques is that its audience is very diverse: groups of young people, families and couples... but the atmosphere is relaxed and quiet.
Next to ES Cavallet, the beach of Aguas Blancas is traditionally considered as nudist. And if you're observant, you'll see that there is an area where you can apply claymixed with a little water, body and hair, that acts of invigorating natural (or so they say).

Account with two beach bars: a larger one along the path of descent and a somewhat smaller but charming, a little further to the South. Both have service of Sun beds and umbrellas, a very good option in the days of big waves, which occurs frequently here.